Thursday, October 29, 2009

WTF! 112-Year-Old Man MARRIES 17-Year-Old Girl

A man married the person he loved this week. Ordinarily that won't be news, but that man is 112 years old and the bride is just 17 years old!

Ahmed Muhamed Dore - who already has 18 children by five wives and 96 grandchildren - said he would like to have more with his new wife, Safia Abdulleh, pictured above in their wedding photo.

Ewwww. More children? Can a man at that age even get it up?

"Today God helped me realize my dream," he said.

Safia's family said she was "happy with her new husband", who is old enough to be her great-great-great-grandfather.

They're both from the same village in the Galguduud region of Somalia, and he said he waited for her to grow up before proposing.

"I didn't force her, but used my experience to convince her of my love, and then we agreed to marry," he said.

By "experience" does he mean he brainwashed her or is he referring to the hefty bride price he probably paid to her family? And, what da eff does a 17-year-old have in common with a man who's 95 years her senior?

Quick! Someone call DFCS!

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Le Nouveau Noir said...

Uhmmm her lips are pursed like WTF? She looks scared & unhappy.

Anonymous said...

she doesnt even look that much happy and the way her body language is looks tense?, yeh that really looks happy lol ah well whats this world coming too

Anonymous said...

wow thats wrong on so many levels this man doesn't know how old he is. This man needs to grow mentally and have his head examined and the girls mother needs her head examined also. Why would the mom go through with that?

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