Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anna Nicole Smith's Bodyguard Recalls Drug Use, Drowning

At the two-week the preliminary hearing into Anna Nicole Smith's death, her former bodyguard testified against Howard K Stern revealing he often watched the lawyer inject the tragic model/actress with drugs and once Anna tried to drown herself in a pool.

Maurice Brighthaupt, who desperately tried to revive Anna after his wife found the star close to death in a Florida hotel room in 2007, told a Los Angeles court he once walked in on Howard as he heated a spoon full of valium tablets over a lighter to liquefy and prepare it for injection.

"She couldn't swallow. They felt it would get into her system faster," he said. "He drew it up into the syringe and he asked me to leave. He didn't want me to see her without her clothes on."

On the stand, Maurice, nicknamed Big Mo, also recalled watching Anna take ecstasy and inject herself.

He told the court that his charge started taking large doses of chlorohydrate following the death of her son, Daniel.

He also said he saw Dr Eroshevich, a psychiatrist, inject Anna with medication once and deliver a bottle of the sleep syrup chloral hydrate to her in the Bahamas after the death of her son, Daniel, who also died of a drug overdose.

Chloral hydrate was identified in Anna's autopsy as a principle element in her overdose death when combined with other drugs.

On the stand today, Maurice described more bizarre behavior.

He described an incident in the Bahamas about two days after Anna's son's burial, when he saw her take at least at eight pills and drink chloral hydrate before going to sleep. About an hour later, she appeared in her swimsuit, stumbling toward the water, and told him she wanted to "float."

Moments later, he heard a splash, and Howard, who was on the phone nearby, shouted, "Hey! Hey! Anna's in the pool!"

Maurice said by the time he dove into the deep end, Anna was at the bottom of the pool. As he pulled her to the surface, he realized she had defecated in the pool. He gave her CPR and called for medical help, though he can't recall if a doctor arrived at the scene.

"She let up some water, and then I helped her back to bed," he said.

The guard also claims that during the months following Daniel's death, he had numerous conversations with Dr Eroshevich about their concerns over Anna's excessive drug habit. Sometimes, he claims, they even swapped her pills with placebos or flushed them down the toilet.

The trial continues...


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