Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FIGHT! Balloon Boy's Neighbor is Pissed

When your neighborhood becomes the scene of the one of the country's biggest hoaxes, expect media from around the world to be there to cover the story.

This man is pissed a news truck has blocked him in and he's not afraid to threaten them violence -- even with the dozens of cameras focused on him. Another neighbor, has had enough of his bitchin', sneaks up on him from behind and proceeds to give him a beatdown while the news cameras roll.

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Syd said...

What assholes. And they fight like girls.

Anonymous said...

From Behind! From Behind! Please jump on my behind! hahahaha.

B.Brown said...

the neighbor needs to sue that pice of crap, jumping him from behind and trying to be a ufc wannabe. that guy had no reason to put his hands on him. the neighbor's hands were always at his sides when he was in the other guys face and never looked like he was going to take a punch. All these media blood suckers need to be taken down for the crap they pull.

kayman said...

What's so funny is that dude still got some punches to that asshole who tried to jump him from behind. Now, that's priceless.

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