Monday, October 5, 2009

Jermaine Jackson is Doing It For Michael, Not For His Own Bank Account

Since Michael's death, brother Jermaine Jackson has been everywhere. He's lobbied for Michael to be buried at Neverland. (Didn't happen.) He planned a star-studded concert in Austria. (No stars signed on and the show was scrapped.) Critics -- including some of you -- say he's been doing all of this to add money to his own bank account. Jermaine says you're a hater and that's ridiculous, saying:
"That is the most ridiculous thing ever. It is not about cashing in on what has happened. It is responsibility on all of our parts as brothers and sisters to keep his legacy alive. I would love to see something done in my brother's honor every year, because he was that well-respected around the globe. So for the media to say this is absurd. It is stupid. It is crazy."
But wait! Wasn't it a few months ago Jermaine cried poverty and asked a judge to lower the $3000 he was paying per month in child support?

So, really Jermaine? You are doing this all for Michael?

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