Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lock Up Your Daughters (And Call The Cops), A Pedophile Comes Clean

Shane Lee from Savannah, Ga. says he's not a pedophile, but from what he explains in this video, he sure fits the definition of one.

Shane comes clean and in the same vein probably incriminats himself: He admits that on two occasions he was involved in "incidents" with "girls who were little bit younger than me."

The first "incident" happened when he was 16; the girl was 10. The second "incident: he was 24, married and his step-daughter began dancing to a video on MTV in front of him. He says nothing happened sexually -- probably because there were other people around -- but he dreamed about "licking" his step-daughter's vagina and showing her his penis.

What?! Aren't the thoughts just as criminal as the actual deed?

This man clearly had a troubled past: He says he was molested by his pastor, his uncle Harvey molested his cousin Pam and when he was 17 he robbed a store then he got into an accident and had a concussion.

Now he wants to use his experiences to help the world. Cause that's what Oprah and Jesus would do.

Geeh, we hope he asked Harvey and Pam if he can put their business on front street.

PS: WTF @ 6:42

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hhc said...

new video more incriminating

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