Monday, October 12, 2009

Mike Tyson Admits Drug Use, Infidelity, Physical Abuse to 'Oprah'

In an interview with Oprah to promote the release of his documentary Tyson, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson spoke candidly about his drug use, tumultuous marriage to Robin Givens, affairs and how growing up might have saved his life.

A few months ago Mike's daughter Exodus died after a freak accident in her home. Today, Mike still doesn't know what caused the accident or how it happened -- and he doesn't want to know because that will only cause blame.

Back in 1988 interview Mike and then wife Robin sat down for a scandalous interview with Barbara Walters. During the interview Robin said Mike was an abusive, rage-filled person. He sat silent.

Today he tells Oprah, Robin was making up stories, calling her portrayal of him lies. Although he admits to "socking" her (he wanted to sock her while she was telling Barbara the lies) - he says, she also used to hit him.

Oprah asked if it was an abusive relationship, Mike said "most definitely." He added he was just 21 years old, inexperienced and wasn't prepared for marriage.

Hence the reason he became an habitual cheater. He says he was never faithful in any of his relationships. (His second wife Monica Turner divorced him in 2002 because of it.) Married for the third time to ex-con Lakiha Spencer, Mike says he's now a one-woman man who has finally realized life's purpose - which is, in part, loving his seven children, or "babies" as he called them.

He also admits to being a heavy drug user. When Oprah asked what his drug of choice was, Mike said everything."

He added had he not refocus his life and settle down with his wife, he would be dead in a few years.

Because of the drug use and owing monies to drug dealers, he says that would probably catch up to him.

"Are you surprised you're still alive," Oprah asked.

"Yeah," he answered.

Despite his candidness, Mike didn't talk about the time he allegedly hired a hit man to kill Brad Pitt.

Guess you have to watch the documentary to find that answer.

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