Monday, October 5, 2009

Mo'Nique Doesn't Care 'Bout No Stinkin' Oscar (Unless it's Oscar Mayer)

As we've reported, Mo'Nique is not doing any press to promote Precious because she demanded $100,000 in appearance fees and producers told her to sit her fat/phat ass down. So she did.

At last weekend's NYC premiere of the film, which is the one to beat for Best Picture at next year's Academy Awards, all of the film's stars showed up -- except Mo'Nique and her fat/phat ass.

Now more details are emerging about her demands.

An insider told the NY Daily News: Aside from the $100,000, Mo'Nique wanted producers to pay the costs for her (hair and make-up) stylists and she insisted producer fly the stylists flew first class.

“Mo’Nique said she signed on to do this film for a small amount of money. She said she didn’t care about ‘no Oscar’ - all that mattered was ‘those Benjamins!’ Because Oprah and Tyler Perry are backing the film, she feels as though there should be a budget to pay for her promotional duties," the insider added.

She may have a point especially if the other stars of the film are being paid for their promotional appearances. (We don't know that to be the case.) But she's exhibiting a whole lot of bravery by choosing to go against the almighty Oprah and Tyler Perry. Does she not know her antics are will possibly hurt her chances of working in Hollywood again or prevent her from getting an Oscar nomination? Apparently she does -- and she doesn't care.

“When people say, ‘You care more about money than winning an Oscar,’ well, what does an Oscar mean? An Oscar means more work when you win it, and that means more money!” Mo’Nique says in response to the allegations. “I couldn’t eat that Oscar. Everybody needs money, baby. That’s how we survive, right?”

So, she needs $100,000 to buy food?

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Anonymous said...

ya'll know is ignant (ignorant)and she has no class.

Chic Noir said...

SMH @ moniques's antics. She should be a good sport about this.

Anonymous said...

monique is right!! I cant believe she only received 100,000 for her role. She is a very talented person and definitely deserves more than that!!

Anonymous said...

Uhh read a bit closer. She wanted 100,000 to promote the movie. To promote something that was already filmed and has a great buzz around it. Her antics are disgusting. It a shame she's part of a powerful movie and this is the way she conducts her business. Not a fan of hers at all.

- PinkCollar

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