Thursday, October 29, 2009

Secretary's Screw Up Could Cost Pepsi $1.26 Billion!

Two men who claim PepsiCo stole their idea to sell bottled water sued the company and won a $1.26 billion default judgment last month after the company didn't respond.

Charles Joyce and James Voigt claim that in 1981, they gave someone other than PepsiCo an idea for a "soft drink" and that somehow, 15 years later, PepsiCo used that information to develop the Aquafina water.

PepsiCo, which calls the accusations "dubious," says it didn't know about the lawsuit until almost a week after the court granted the award without a trial and have asked that the court hear their case.

What Had Happened Was: Pepsico was served the lawsuit at an office in North Carolina and not at its headquarters in Purchase, New York. office secretary Kathy Henry received the letters pertaining to the lawsuit failed to act on them. According to PepsiCo, Kathy put the letters away and didn't refer it to anyone "because she was so busy preparing for a board meeting." .

Uh-oh, someone is gonna have to look for a new job pretty soon? Do you think CoCa-Cola is hiring?

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