Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cheaters, The TV Show, Is Caught With Its Pants Down

How many of you have seen the show Cheaters? Yes, we see many hands. It's one of those shows you just can't turn away from when it pops up on the teevee.

Inside Edition has revealed that the show - or some segments of it - is staged and not in the let's re-shoot to get a better angle fake, but completely fake fake.

Cari Wyatt said she was paid $500 "to pretend that she was having a torrid affair with one guy while she was engaged to another."

And why is about the show always being able to film a cheating spouse having sex with his/her jumpoff in front of a gigantic picture window?

That's no coincidence, either.

"They asked us to sit next to the windows, ham it up a little bit, be flirty and touchy, to kiss a couple of times, but we never did, we just faked it," Cari said.

Carl Burmeister said he was paid to play Cari's lover. He told Inside Edition the entire episode was shot at the home of one of the show's producers.

And as for that infamous episode of Cheaters in which host Joey Greco gets stabbed? Allegedly, that was fake, too.

Cassandra Terrazas says she was paid $350 to play the role of a woman who is caught having an affair with the man. During the confrontation, her supposed "boyfriend" "stabbed" Joey in the stomach.

The "boyfriend" was restrained and Joey was rushed to shore where EMT fought to save his life. Meanwhile a police car sped away leading the viewer to believe the culprit was arrested.

But according to the police in Rowlett, Texas, that never happened. "There were no arrests at all during that time period for that type of crime," says John Ellison of the Rowlett Police Department.

Cassandra says the ambulance was rented, the blood was fake, and everything was scripted right down to the person who fell off the boat.

Here's footage of the "stabbing."


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