Friday, November 6, 2009

Joe Jackson Challenges Michael's Will, He Wants His Dead Son to Pay Him Thousands Every Month!

This just effing in! Papa Joe Jackson has just filed documents in court seeking an allowance from his son's estate to help cover expenses that exceed $15,000 a month.

The filing does not specify how much Joe is requesting, but along with the affidavit, Joe submitted an itemized list of expenses to the court. He supposedly spends $1,200 a month on rent for his Las Vegas home; $2,500 to eat out; $1,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacations; $1,000 on groceries; $2,000 on air travel and $3,000 on hotels.

Michael's will (which some members of the family claim was forged) clearly states that he wants for his mother, Katherine, his three children, and various charities to have his money and no one else.

A judge has approved more than $26,000 in payments to Katherine each month, and a $60,000 monthly payment for the care of the children.

Coincidentally, TMZ spoke to someone claiming to be one of Michael's ex-managers who said Michael would give Katherine "$60,000 a month to live on, and that Michael instructed her to give half of it to Joe."

This afternoon's court papers read: "[Joe] does not have a regular or steady source of income, and he was dependent upon the money provided by his son, Michael Jackson, through his wife, Katherine Jackson, for his support."

The matter will be heard on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Listen, we know jobs are hard to come by nowadays, but really, Joe.

This is shameful. Probably not as shameful as the disgusting things Jermaine inferred you did to your daughters, however.


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