Monday, November 9, 2009

Taylor Swift Takes Digs at Kanye... In Her Monologue

Last Saturday night singer Taylor Swift hosted Saturday Night Live. During her opening monologue she wrote a quirky song, called "Monologue Song (La La La)", trashing ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas (she called him a "douche-bag") and also address Kanye (who, like a bully, didn't let her finish her acceptance speech at last June's VMAs).

On Joe:
"I like writing songs about douche-bags who cheat on me / But I'm not going to say that in my monologue / I like writing their names into songs so they're ashamed to go out in public / But I'm not going to say that in my monologue."

On Kanye:
"You might be expecting me to say something bad about Kanye and how he ran up on the stage and ruined my VMA monologue / But there's nothing more to say / 'cause everything's okay / I've got security lining the stage."

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Greg Delaney said...

Taylor swift seemed to enjoy taking jabs at old boyfriends, etc... I guess this is one of the perks of being a super-celeb

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