Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chinese People Are Racist? Who Knew?

Twenty-year-old Lou Jing, who is half black and half Chinese, was a contestant on a reality television show called "Go! Oriental Angel" (think: "American Idol"), but her skin color became a distraction. The hosts called her "chocolate girl" and "black pearl" and the locals posted on Web sites that she "never should have been born" and that she should "get out of China." Lou's maternal grandmother said: "I told Lou Jing she was black because her mom was not very well and had to take Chinese medicine." That Chinese medicine was, um, a black johnson. Let us stop, because you know the Chinese will fight you.
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mstightgenes said...

How ironic, Lou Jing is prettier than any full-blooded Chinese I've ever seen, and I'm quite sure they noticed that too.

Every race is prejudiced- against Blacks. The White man made sure is fear was far-reaching, spreading his hatred for the Black man, the same way they try to spread the lie that they are superior.

Anonymous said...

The chinese are racist ass***** and they got this false sense of pride. I am not even black and these people think they are above every one.

wonton916 said...

I'm a Chinese American and being American raised, I cannot represent the views of all people in China . But, Ive noticed that biracial Chinese from European backgrounds are treated more better than from African backgrounds. Media protrayals of black people, especially in Western American media, perpetuate much of negative stereotypical views that Asians have of Africans/blacks. Colonist mentality wields its power beyond the Western world.
The truth of the matter of interracial marriages and biracial offspring are not new amongst the Chinese. The Chinese Diaspora is one of the largest in world and the chances of interracial mixing is high when a migrant group settles in foreign region for several generations. The "purity" of the Chinese (Han) race does not exist and is one big constructed lie. Look at the genetic evidence of Han Chinese and you will understand why. Asians don't look all the same and people in the same family don't have the same physical features to the untrained Western eye. Most Asians have dark hair and eyes, but thats where the similarities end for the most part. Even from people of the same family differ in their looks, one may have ruddish/tanned skin with uncreased eyelids and the other sibling would have whitish-yellow Japanese complexion with large eyes with natural creased eyelids. Genetics is a bitch, but no one group of people are "pure". Finally, to all the Chinese bloggers saying Lou Jing should "get out of China" I will say they have no right to label what a "real" Chinese should be. Lou Jing was born and raised in China. She was educated with Chinese people and knows no other culture, she has a right to claim being "Chinese". She is your equal and human, not your freaking ape or monkey, and hell she has the right to live anywhere she wants. Damn, Lou Jing is more Chinese than I ever will be.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute I wish I was her but she need to let me weave that head up, that wig was bad but I guess thats not a rich enough comment for something like this.
I like Asian culture the whole mystic/magical feel and the symbols I love it all but thats some bull.
I live in Louisiana and I happen to know a few Asians, my bestfriend, Hui, Pui-Kwan, was a exchange student from Hong Kong and I didnt think different of her nor did she of me.


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