Thursday, December 31, 2009

Inmate Gave Lap Dance to Prison Guard Who Gave Him Nude Photos to Masturbate To. Sounds Like a Win-Win

A Dallas County jail guard has resigned while under investigation for allowing a 20-year-old male inmate to give her a lap dance, reports the Dallas Morning News.

Witnesses said Officer Kytrina Lewis was very close to the inmate, Gregory Miller, and gave him her personal cellphone, which contained naked photos of herself to which he masturbated.

She said in a statement that she knew Gregory from school.

"I asked Miller one day could he still dance like in school," she said. "He stated yes, and on that particular day, he did dance seductively behind my desk."

But another officer says Gregory was straddling Kytrina and was "moving his hips in a circular slow motion and motioning his body in a sexually erotic way as if he were a male [stripper]."

Gregory, who is in jail awaiting trial on charges of aggravated robbery and engaging in organized criminal activity, said in a statement that he didn't know Kytrina previously and that she asked him to dance for her. He said he and Kytrina had been "talking" for about a month.

She brought a CD player into the jail and allowed the inmates to listen to music and use her cell phone -- which violate jail policy.

Miss Kytrina resigned on Dec. 9. She'll have to find her a criminal on the streets.

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