Friday, December 11, 2009

Madam Says Tiger Woods Paid $60,000 For Threesomes With Hookers -- Her Hookers!

Can we just admit that Tiger Woods is a sex addict.

The body count of women whose holes he's alleged to have played is now in the double digits.

Now, Michelle Braun, a retired madam and now a convicted felon, says Tiger has paid her more than $60,000 for her whores.

She has confirmed that porn star Holly Sampson and lingerie model Jamie Jungers were working for her even provided TMZ with the hookers' 1099 forms. (For the record, Holly took home $24,600 in 2008; Jamie, $31,400.)

She tells the New York Daily News, Tiger "had a pretty big appetite for women" and "he was rarely with just one girl. He usually wanted more. He liked three-ways."

Michelle, pictured, said the golfer would request "the college-cutie, girls-next-door look" and would pay between $30,000 to $40,000 (all in cash) a weekend.

The whores would report back to Michelle to say what a "real gentleman" Tiger was and oh, he could "he could go for days." (They also added that his, um, club is big.)

This is not the first time we've heard Tiger's name and the word madam used in the same sentence. This week a source claimed Rachel Uchitel (jumpoff # 1) was also Tiger's madam; She disguised her business as a "concierge service" and reportedly supplied Tiger with up to 30 skanks.

This entire scandal is so dirty. Excuse us as we go down to the clinic to get an STD screening, just to make sure we haven't caught anything by reporting it.


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