Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Man Arrested For Spanking Wife

This story is so rich, we can't take it.

According to the Lowell Sun newspaper, a Billerica, Mass. man has been arrested for spanking his wife after the couple had an argument about his addiction to online pornography.

The wife claims Robert Noetzel, 47, pulled down her pants and spanked her two times with an open hand, leaving welt marks.

After the spankation, the wife was pissed.

The Sun reports: "The wife retaliated by [grabbing] a belt and swinging it at her husband, yelling 'How does that feel?' according to court documents. The husband chased her again, throwing her on the bed and [slapped] her on the behind again, according to court documents. When she threw her cell phone at him, Noetzel allegedly pushed his wife and she fell. He then began kicking her and grabbed her by the neck, according to court documents."

Robert was released after pleading not guilty to one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and his wife has taken out a restraining order against him.

This was probably a misunderstanding. Robert was trying to perform erotic spanking on his wife (like in the photo above). Had she been watching porn, then she would known it's harmless.

That will certainly be his defense.


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