Friday, December 11, 2009

Mother Assaults Daughter Because She Got a 'B' At School

In the Lura Jo Fisher household, a B stands for beatdown.

Lura, 38, of West Virginia was arrested Wednesday and charged with domestic battery and felony child abuse resulting in injury after she -- OK, allegedly -- beat her 5th grade daughter because she got a B at school.

According to police, Lura made her daughter stand outside for punishment for 15 to 20 minutes two separate times. The second time the child was forced to stand outside she threw-up, and Lura forced her clean it up with her hands and carry the vomit to the bathroom using her hands.

Shortly after that, the little girl was told to go upstairs to take a shower. When her mother told her she wasn't walking fast enough, she took off her belt and whipped the child more than 20 times. She also slapped the child across the face leaving three red marks.

The next day her teacher noticed the child's behavior and called police.
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