Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quick! Someone Call Bob, Jillian, Dr Ian (and DFCS, Too)

Before the members of this morbidly obese family eat themselves to death, TLC will do a little exploiting via the network's new show "One Big Happy Family", which premiers tonight.

The Cole family, which hails from North Carolina, together weighs more than 1,400 pounds!

Mom Tameka, 36, who has two jobs, is 380 pounds. Stay-at-home dad Norris, 41, is 340 pounds. Son Shayne, 14, weighs in at 336 pounds and Amber, 16, who weighs in at 348 pounds and considers vegetables "cow food" is "super obese"!

Watching these people inhale trays and trays of sweet, sugary snacks and junk food is making us ill.

The Coles don't need a reality show, they need an intervention -- with a team of doctors!
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