Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Woman Has Fingerprints Surgically Removed So She Can Enter Country Illegally

Now this is a crafty criminal.

According to reports, Lin Rong, a 27-year-old Chinese woman, who was previously deported from Japan for overstaying her visa, had plastic surgery to remove her fingerprints to trick immigration officers when she tried to re-enter the country last month.


Cops say Lin underwent surgery to swap the fingerprints from her right and left hands. Skin patches on her thumbs and index fingers were removed and then re-grafted on to the matching digits of the opposite hand.

She would have entered the country successfully, had she not faked a marriage to a Japanese man. It was only after that arrest police noticed her fingers had unnatural scars.

Local police say this is not an isolated incident. They suspect Chinese brokers of taking huge sums -- $15,000 actually -- to modify fingerprints surgically.

Oh, snap! We think Lin is the same woman who attempted the world record for the longest wedding dress at her, um, "wedding" last summer in China.

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