Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chicago Pimp Arrested for Branding Women, Extortion

Alex "Daddy" Campbell and Danielle "Princess" John have been arrested and charged with extortion.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Federal agents and local police swooped down on the Day and Night Spa in Mount Prospect, Ill. (near Chicago), where several female employees claimed they were "branded." Yes, you read that right -- branded. The women said they were forced to get tattoos on their necks of horseshoes and/or the number "917," as in September 17, which is Alex's (the owner of the "massage" parlor) birthday.

The criminal complaint charged that he forced an employee to pay $16,000 to avoid working seven days a week. The woman, a foreign national, paid him an additional $13,000 to help with her immigration status and documents. And, he also forced the employee to engage in sex with him and threatened to publicize video he took of her having sex with another woman, authorities said.

But, wait. There's more!

Alex (OK, "Daddy"), who admits to being a pimp, has been was arrested before on charges of prostitution. While police were reading him his Miranda rights he told them: "You all hating on my pimp game....My lawyer gonna get you good for (expletive) with me and my hos."


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