Monday, February 22, 2010

Man Breaks Into Jail to Have Sex With Girlfriend

A German man who broke into jail at night to have sex with his incarecerated girlfriend was arrested and now, he too, faces a stint behind bars.

Every night for almost a month Daniele Eberhardt, 33, scaled a ten-foot fence, dodged surveillance cameras and used a skeleton key made from a spoon to break into the low-security jail in the British Army garrison town of Bielefeld, Germany.

Friedhel Sanker, deputy governor of the prison, said: "Some of the other women felt that their sleep was being disturbed, while others feared that the man might try to come and visit them, too. They were going at it quite energetically, apparently."

An inmate said: "It was like listening to a bad porno movie. Lots of grunting and groaning, whispering sweet nothings. It was very hard on us who didn't have anyone to cuddle up with. You have to hand it to him - it took some nerve to break into a place most people want to get out of!"

After other inmates complained, prison officials installed survellienace cameras and horned-up Daniele was caught and arrested. He was charged with tresspasing and will face a judge next month.

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