Friday, February 12, 2010

Tiger Woods Was a Douche While in Rehab

Tiger Woods has left sex rehab, but while at the treatment center he was unruly -- and he even made one patient cry.

According to National Enquirer sources, Tiger was surly and condescending and didn't participate while in the program. He refused to admit he had a problem and he only fessed up to sleeping with three jumpoffs, even though 19 women have come forward.

"The whole thing was a joke," a source says. "The center designed a program specifically for Tiger. He did whatever wanted to do on there, skipped group therapy sessions and did not participate in much of the program. A regular patient in the center would be heavily pressured to confirm to the program, but not Tiger. I've been told that Tiger just sat there, with his arms folded and his baseball cap pulled down, like he was looking down on the other patients, who spoke about their addiction problems. The therapist running one meeting said, 'Don't you have anything to say? Don't you want to share something with us? Tiger responded, 'I've got nothing to say.' When a patient was talking about going to porno shops and watching pornography on the Internet, the therapist pushed his famous patient to comment. Tiger really went off. He said, 'I do NOT go to porno shops and I do NOT watch Internet pornography! I'm not like this guy. I can't relate to these people and what they are saying. I should have to be here. I don't have a sex addiction problem... I'm not like these people.' ...When one female patient heard what Tiger had said, she broke down in tears. Patients are struggling with very real problems in their lives, and when she heard Tiger make comments like these, she became very upset and felt he was belittle her and the others."
One of Tiger's friends adds: "He didn't go through rehab -- he cheated rehab and he cheated himself. He acted like he doesn't need any help to get better -- like he doesn't have any problem. He was arrogant and intimidating. Tiger made it difficult for other patients to speak out about the problems because he seemed to be judging them, when he should have been helping them. He's in complete denial -- no question about it.He was not cooperating with the program or trying to get better."

Source: National Enquirer, Feb. 22, print edition.
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