Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jamaica is The New Nigeria

A group of thieves operating a scam out of Jamaica has been trying to rip off folks in Colorado. One 88-year-old woman was told she won a $2.5 million sweepstakes, even though she never entered one and by law it's illegal to participate in lotteries overseas (unless you were in that country at the time and bought a ticket). But, the scammers wanted the grandmother to wire them $555 first, then they'll send her the $2.5million check. She didn't.

But, now the scammers are getting dangerous. They're threatening to kill people and their families if they don't send them money!

According to KKTV, another man was told he won millions, but when he wouldn't wire the men in Jamaica (who were pretending to FBI agents) cash, they told him: "You have the next fucking 24 hours to have the fucking money sent okay? Don't fuck with me!"


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