Thursday, March 25, 2010

Man Begged Cops to Arrest Him Because He Has 'Woman Problems'

A Carlisle, Pennsylvania man was hellbent on getting away from his girlfriend, so he told cops to take him to jail.

At about 2am yesterday, Timothy Serrano, 34, flagged down an officer a few yards from the local police station and asked to be arrested. Just in case that didn't worked, he was drunk and carrying a half empty bottle of brandy. And if that failed, he admitted to outstanding warrants.

The officer told WHPTV, "He actually said that he should be arrested for something because he couldn't deal with his woman anymore."

Finally he was booked and charged with public drunkeness, but was released a few hours later after he sobered up.

As bizarre as that seemed, perhaps cops saved him from committing a crime that night.

That wasn't the case for the man below. (Sidebar: He's not to be effed with.)

Gerald Lancaster, an 84-year-old World War II veteran, held Houston SWAT officers at bay for almost six hours this morning after he fired a shot at his wife after an argument. Officers tried to flush him out using tear gas, but that had no effect on Gerald, who later told reporters he had enough guns to "take down the whole fucking army if I wanted to." He was arrested peacefully after cops broke through a door and found him chillin'.

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