Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Man Carved His Name Onto Girlfriend's Chest

A Springfield, Ohio man was indicted on charges of abduction, felonious assault and kidnapping on Monday after he allegedly carved his name onto his girlfriend’s chest, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Cops say Michael Welliver, 31, told his 31-year-old then-girlfriend that he didn't like the tattoo that she had on her ass. He then grabbed a meat cleaver from under the bed and threatened to cut the tattoo off if she didn’t let him carve his name on her chest on Feb. 19.

The woman told police that he then sat on her, used a blue pocket knife with a razor blade on the end and carved “I Luv Mike Welliver” along with a heart on the upper part of her breast.

She didn't fight, she says, because of the knife and meat cleaver and his size.

According to police report, after Mike finished he took several pictures of her with his cell phone. When she didn't smile he became angry and began slapping her.

Eventually, she was able to escape, but she didn't call police until Feb. 22 -- three days later. She also refused treatment for her injuries.

Mike was arrested at the Clark County Jail where he was being arraigned on another charge. There he told officers to see the photos he had taken with his cell phone, which they submitted into evidence.

Officers said the two were still seeing each other when the cutting occurred, but the victim broke off the relationship after the incident.

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Joann said...

I didn't want to read the rest of the article. OMG this is horrendous.

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