Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Atheist Calls For Arrest of Pope Benedict XVI

Richard Dawkins, who has been described as a militant atheist and, by design, a prominent critic of religion -- has called for the arrest of Pope Benedict XVI for crimes against humanity. While, we don't see that happening until hell actually freezes over, we are interested to see what happens when the Pope visits the UK September 16 through 19 and whether Richard will jump the barriers and conduct a citizen arrest. Addendum: Richard claims the Pope would be unable to claim diplomatic immunity from arrest because, although his tour is categorised as a state visit, he is not the head of a state recognised by the United Nations.

It's going down!

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Patrick Patterson said...

Wow. This was so powerful Wendyista!! OMG, my mother told me years ago that during "the last days" that the dark will come to the light about the Catholic church and it's "holier than thou" type of concept: white saints and a really really white Jesus that has helped to reshape "in God's image" for centuries, even killing those who didn't convert. It's deep. You know, the truth, the history. But oh well. Over the years, I've met so many priest and walked away asking myself: "He seems so gay." I am a gay man, so it's not that. And I'm not saying that all priest are pedophiles, but there is a large number of men who were gay, went into the priesthood to "unmake themselves gay" and then, wound up channeling that oppressed desire into their "followers" and then using their authority to become human "gods" over the truth from the boys. It's classic psychology. And yes, I do believe that the Pope said, "Don't ask. Don't tell. If we pull all of these priests out, OMG, it would BURN US TO THE GROUND." And that would have been like a psunami of all kinds of people "taking it to the streets". Literally, one hell of a battle. So, that's my say on this. Whoa. This interview was so POWERFUL. I hope people are paying attention. : )

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