Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Man Claims He Has Not Eaten or Drank Anything For 70 years!

Indian scientists are studying 82-year-old Prahlad Jani, pictured, who claims to have not eaten a morsel of food or drank a drop of anything in 70 years! You read that right -- 70 whole years!

According to the Telegraph, Prahlad "believes he is sustained by a goddess who pours an 'elixir' through a hole in his palate."

While his claims have been supported by an Indian doctor who specializes in studies of people who claim supernatural abilities, many have also branded Prahlad as a "village fraud."

But, the country's military scientist are studying him nonetheless in the hopes it will teach them how soldiers can live longer without food while in combat.
So far, Mr Prahlad appears to be standing up to scrutiny. He has not eaten or drunk any fluids in six days, and similarly has not passed urine or a stool in that time. He remains fit and healthy and shows no sign of lethargy. Doctors will continue observing him for 15 days in which time they would expect to see some muscle wastage, serious dehydration, weight loss,and fatigue followed by organ failure. It is common in India for Jains and Hindus to fast, sometimes for up to eight days, without any adverse affects, as part of their religious worship. Most humans cannot survive without food for 50 days. The longest hunger strike recorded is 74 days. According to Dr Sudhir Shah, who examined him in 2003, he went without food or water for ten days in which urine appeared to be reabsorbed by his body after forming in his bladder. Doubts were expressed about his claim after his weight fell slightly at the end of the trial.

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Our Ultimate Freedom said...

This yogi most likely practices Kriya Pranayama extensively which would keep his body in a magnetized state recieving energy in the form of magn energetic resonance from the earth, its orbit and the solar system. Similar to sharks that can go long periods without food by magnetic energetic resonance. The difference is that the yogi uses breath to magnetize the spine and brain center which then reverberate energy to the nervous system. Yogananda wrote about the technique in the book Autobiography of a Yogi in chapter 26. Its not a fraud it just requires discipline and devotion and the kriya key. Peace-

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