Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Third-Grader Handed Out 80 Bags of Heroin to Classmates

Police in Wilkinsburg, Pa. say an 8-year-old boy handed out 80 bags of heroin to classmates at the Turner Elementary School yesterday.

Officials said the bags had the words "trust me" stamped on them and had a street value between $800 and $1,000. Eighteen of the bags were empty and found in the trash, but cops aren't sure if students ingested any of the drugs.

"When he was passing it out, he was smelling it," one student said. That student added that the other students refused to take the bags of drugs, but "two of them got it on their hands."

Police told WTAE News the third-grader was not a Wilkinsburg resident and the school superintendent said his mother falsified their address to get him into the Wilkinsburg district. They also said the boy was imitating drug dealers he saw in his own neighborhood or on TV.

They are still investigating as to where he received the drugs and considering charging those involved.

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