Thursday, April 29, 2010

Woman Lives With Life-Sized Cardboard Cut-out of Dead Husband

British widow Maria Challis kept the memory of her dead husband alive for their two children by creating a life-sized cardboard cut-out, according to the Sun.

Weeks after being diagnosed with brain tumor, 38-year-old Paul Challis died. Maria was devastated, but vowed to let her husband's memory live on -- for the children.

The six-foot one cardboard image of Paul holding a bottle of champagne and laughing while aboard a cruise ship, is on permanent display in the family's living room and was a guest at Paul's funeral (which he planned before his death) and recently attended a friend's wedding.

"Paul was always the life and soul of the party and it seemed only fitting for him to be there for the final party, his final farewell. I think he would have loved it, he would have said, 'Why didn't I think of that?" Maria said. "When you lose someone you love, you worry you'll forget them and this is our way of remembering Paul and keeping our precious memories of him alive. The children have even dressed him up in a Santa outfit at Christmas and as Dracula on Halloween. Some people might raise eyebrows but who is anyone to say what is the right and wrong way to deal with grief? Paul had an absolute zest for life. He loved his garden, he loved a barbecue, he loved going out on his bike with the kids. Everybody knew when Paul arrived in a room. He was a larger than life character, forthright but mischievous who could be naughty and exasperating but very, very good fun."

As weird as this may seem, we like it. Should she remarry, however, this would make for an awwwe-some story on The Marriage Ref.

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Ashley said...

it doesnt sound so bad. it would be very strange if she took it everywhere with her. my friends mother takes a suitcase filled with baby clothes everywhere with her. She believes that its her baby and she forces my friend to babysit the suitcase. NOW that is strange.

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