Friday, May 7, 2010

Lord Jesus Christ Struck by Car

A 20-year-old driver was cited by police after she ran down the son of God.

Well, he may not actually be the son of God (that we know of), but the man does share the same name.

Lord Jesus Christ, 50, was in a downtown Northampton, Mass. crosswalk when Brittany Cantarella slammed her 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo into him on Tuesday afternoon.

He was injured, but conscious when he handed cops his ID, which, to their surprise, confirmed that Lord Jesus Christ is his legal name. He's also a transsexual.

We read somewhere that perhaps he legally changed his name. From what you ask? We're guessing Jay Walker or Jean D. Baptiste.

Update: Lord Jesus Christ gave an interview to The Republican about his accident and his life. Although he believes the accident that left him with broken teeth, swelling to his face, a bruised hip and soreness was ah, ahem, accident, he's hired a lawyer.

On his name change:
“I’ve always been heavily religious and this is what God told me to,” he said. “He [God] told me to change my name and so I did.”
So, a few years ago he went to court to have his named legally changed.
“It took two judges,” he said.

On his image and dress:
“I represent both men and women, so I dress that way,” he said.

On getting struck by the car:
“Everything is part of the plan,” he said.

Here's a photo:

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