Friday, May 28, 2010

WTF! Woman Stomps on Her Baby

This horrifying scene happened in China. After a high school student accused a woman of stealing a cell phone, the woman threw her (own) baby onto the ground then proceeded to stomp on it while shouting in protest. What. The. Eff? The baby was uninjured, but the mother was carted off the jail. (Then again, the Chinese media is probably playing a trick on us, because this "baby" could be a doll. From the pictures, it looks like one at least. But if it isn't, this mother needs to spend some serious time in a rubber room.)

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BunBun4life said...

why would they just leave that baby laying in the street like that XD XD

You know I think I remember this, and the story is real, but, the stomp photo is faked up.

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