Friday, June 4, 2010

Man Overpacks For Jail Stay

After Gavin Stanger, 24, of East Wenatchee, Wash. was charged with disorderly conduct, he was ordered to serve three days in jail. When he was booked into jail on Wednesday night, Gavin was patted down and strip searched to check for contraband; he was clean.

About 90 minutes later, a jailer found a plastic bag and duct tape floating in the holding cell toilet where Gavin was being held.

Upon questioning, he admitted he smuggled a green cigarette lighter, cigarette rolling papers, a golf-ball size baggie of tobacco, a bottle of tattoo ink, eight tattoo needles, a one-inch-long smoking pipe and a small baggie of suspected marijuana into the jail.

How did he get all of those items into the jail unnoticed? He hid them inside his, ahem, anal cavity!

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