Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Former 'Tool Academy' Contestant Charged with Statutory Rape

Chasyn John Rance, who appeared on VH1's Tool Academy earlier this year (known on the show as "Wrestlin' Tool", he was the first person ever to quit the show, leaving on the first episode), was arrested last Sunday and charged with lewd or lascivious battery because he had sexual relations with an underage girl -- whom he admitted to having relations with.
A California girl told the Orange County Sheriff's Office in April that she had at least two sexual encounters with Rance in 2008, when she was 15 and visiting her father in Florida. The girl's mother read her daughter's diary in March and discovered that her daughter had written that she "felt bad" about some things she had done in Orlando, an arrest report shows. In the diary, the girl admitted drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and having intercourse with Rance, then 25, at his Orlando home after one of his wrestling matches, the report said.
The girl's mother contacted the Orange County Sheriff's Office from California about the alleged sexual encounters, but initially did not permit her daughter to speak with an Orange County investigator. The mother took the girl to the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's office and was told she was in the wrong jurisdiction. The girl, her mother and attorney James Ledford appeared at the Orange County Sheriff's Office on April 9, the report said. During the interview, the girl said she had more than one sexual encounter with Rance at his Orlando home. She also said that she had spent time with him at the beach and slept in the same bed — without having sex — and still communicated with him regularly through phone calls and text messages. The girl said the two had talked about getting married after she gets older, but that she thought he should "go to jail for about a hundred years" because he was bad and cheated on his girlfriends, according to the report. During a series of three phone calls recorded at the sheriff's office in April, Rance told the girl that he thought she was "cool" and that he had been drunk during their first sexual encounter. "I didn't want to do that. I was waiting for a long time," he said, according to the report. "I was going to wait until you were like 18." Rance further told the girl that he didn't think he had forced her to have sex with him, said she was attractive and mature-looking and apologized for hurting her.
Bail was set at $3,500 and after putting down the 10 or 15%, Chasyn was released Monday morning.


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Walter said...

I remember him, he quit the show because a girl beat him at wrestling.

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