Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is This Crazy Person Michael Jackson's Illegitimate Daughter?

We don't think so.

According to the folks over at TMZ, Mocienne Petit Jackson has filed papers in a Los Angeles court claiming she's the biological daughter of Michael Jackson and she wants a DNA test, his money and three kids.

No, seriously.
Mocienne claims back in 1975, 17-year-old Michael Jackson secretly impregnated her mother Barbara ... who happens to be Diana Ross' sister. MPJ claims when she was 9 years old, Katherine Jackson hatched a plan to "abduct" MPJ and send her to Belgium to protect Michael's "reputation." She claims all 7 of her abductors were later murdered. Now MPJ -- who currently lives in the Netherlands -- has decided to come forward with her story ... so she can "formally claim my part of my father's inheritance." She also wants custody of MJ's kids so she can give them a "more normal life." MPJ also claims she was diagnosed with Vitiligo ... so, there's that.
Of course, calls to Diana, Barbara and Michael's people have gone unanswered because they're all -- like we are -- gagging at the stories crazy people can create in their mind. Is the psychiatric hospital in the Netherlands aware of what Mocienne is up to?

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Anonymous said...

Like she would get anything anyway!! He left his money to his kids so she can't just say "I want some" unless she was in his will!! Plus I HIGHLY, HIGHLY doubt she is his "daughter" !! Stupid crazy people !! She also wouldn't have a chance to get his kids !!

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