Friday, July 2, 2010

Man with Third Eye Terrorizes Preschoolers

It's not known what -- or who -- 22-year-old Ottis Dawayne Ryan is possessed by, but we know he's not all there. That's a certainty.

According to police, Ottis rang the doorbell at Little Pioneers Preschool in Wesley Chapel, Fla. on Wednesday and asked to be let inside. The school's owner refused to let Ottis -- who was carrying a brown paper bag and has several tattoos on his face, including one under his left eye that reads "FTW," and one that looks like an eyeball on his neck -- in. Instead, she called police. Undeterred, Ottis forced his way into the school through a locked door, then entered a playroom filled with children and started screaming.

"Don't listen to God. He is not real. Listen to Allah," he yelled. "Don't feed those crying babies. Let them die!"

The school's owner tried to reason with the crazy man. She asked him what he was carrying in the bag and he took out brass knuckles attached to a multiblade knife.

Minutes later, cops arrived and found Ottis on his knees praying.

"I am the supreme being," he told police. "I wanted to cleanse the babies. I am here through God."

The crazy man was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and a felony charge of armed trespassing. Bail was set at $5,500. So, when he pays 10%, his crazy ass will be back out on the street. Nice.

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