Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drunk, Pregnant Crackhead Commits Armed Robbery

Crackhead Julie Bailey, 38, of La Crosse, Wisc. was arrested Tuesday night after she and her roommate tried to rob a Taco John's with a hammer but the clerk just laughed at her sorry ass and called police.
According to police reports, 38-year-old Julie Bailey went into the restaurant and said "I want a soft shell and give me all of your money" as she tried to pull the hammer from her pocket. When the hammer became stuck in her pocket, Bailey ran out of the restaurant. Employees called 911 and Bailey was arrested a short time later after officers found her running near 11th and Jackson Streets. Bailey, who is two months pregnant, told police she had drank "a 12 pack" of beer that night. A preliminary breath test showed an alcohol concentration of .219. Bailey told police she and her roommate, 51-year-old Bruce Collins, went to Kmart to try to pawn a ring for money to buy crack cocaine. After Kmart would not give her money for the ring, Bailey said she and Collins drove to their residence, where Collins gave her a hammer and told her to rob "some place" for money for crack cocaine. Bailey says she went to the Mr. Stix bar and Walgreens initially, but decided both were too crowded to rob. Bailey told police that when she demanded money from Taco John's, one of the employees laughed at her before hitting the panic alarm and calling 911.
So terribly sad. Julie, who had a 0.21 percent blood-alcohol content when arrested, told police her roommate threatened to evict her if she didn't come up with money for crack cocaine. Riiiggghhht. She faces charges of attempted armed robbery and obstructing officers. She's currently in jail on a $10,000 bond.
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