Monday, August 23, 2010

Justice Department is Hiring Ebonics Experts

The US Department of Justice -- more specifically the DEA -- issued documents seeking to hire linguists fluent in 114 languages to help monitor, translate and transcribe the secretly recorded conversations of black folks involved in narcotics investigation. Among the linguists wanted, were nine who spoke "Black English" or Ebonics to help decipher bugged calls. True story.

According to the folks over at the Smoking Gun, who obtained the leaked documents, the DEA's Atlanta field division is the only office seeking linguists well-versed in Ebonics, which is listed as a “common language” spoken solely in the United States.

While the documents didn't list how much these Ebonics experts were going to be paid, the DEA does spend $70 million each year on linguistic service programs.

Critics say Ebonics is not a dialect and is nothing more than poor grammar or lazy English.

Wait, didn't the DEA hire Lil Wayne previously?

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