Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hey, Bishop Long. The 'Spiritual Sons' You 'Married' and Coerced into Having Sex With You Are Suing Your Ass!

Bishop Eddie Long, who's the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a 25,000-member church in Atlanta, Ga., is facing allegations he had a sexual relationship with two young men.

Wait, isn't pastor Long anti-gay and believes gay people can "get out of that lifestyle" with faith and prayer?

Well, well, well. Like Ted Haggard and George Rekers before him, pastor Long is a closeted homosexual.

According to a lawsuit filed today, Anthony Flagg, 21, and Maurice Robinson, 20, say they met the pastor when they were 14 and 15 and the sexual relationship began when they were 17 and 18. They say the Bishop handpicked them, along with other impressionable young men, whom he groomed and showered with extravagant gifts, including clothing, jewelry, electronics, cars and vacations around the world (on his private plane) so he could have sex with them. Then again, he was "married" to them and they were on the church's payroll. The plaintiffs claim Bishop Long typically engages in a private spiritual ceremony described as a “Covenant Ceremony” (which is akin to a wedding ceremony) between himself and each young Spiritual Son and when they became interested in women, "defendant Long initially attempts to block those relationships by increased contact and spiritual talk as to the covenant between the Spiritual Son and himself." The men say they "engaged in sexual touching and other sexual acts", including professionals because this was "a healthy component of [their] spiritual life." Seriously, where in the Bible is that?

But what really, really, really had us gagging -- aside from the fact that everyone in the church knew about the Bishop's alleged dalliances with these young men and covered it up -- is that when he checked into hotels with Maurice and Anthony, the Bishop used the alias "Dick Tracy."


Anthony and Maurice are seeking unspecified damages and their lawyer say she has emails, text messages and photographs between her clients and the Bishop. Maurice also said he wanted to get in the music industry so the pastor introduced him to several members of the Swagger Club people, including Tyler Perry and T.I. (Then again, don't you have to bring kneepads to meetings in order to make it in the music industry? At least that's what we heard.)

Sidebar: The Bishop, who is married and has four kids, denies the allegations. And, then there's this: Maurice was arrested on June 23 and charged with stealing jewelry, an iPad and an iPhone from the church. He said he stole the items in retaliation after the money train ended learning that the pastor traded him in for a younger model and was having sex with these younger men.

Chile, we can't take it! How You Doin, Bishop!

Update: It's going down!!! A THIRD MAN (23-year-old Jamal Parris) has filed a lawsuit against the preacher claiming he, too, was in a sexual relationship with the pastor. Jamal said within two weeks after joining the church in 2001, the pastor gave him his personal cell phone number and encouraged Jamal to call him "daddy"!!!!!!! And they were giving each other professionals on church property and in hotel rooms around the world.

The amount of victims filing lawsuits is expected to increase, but don't be surprised if they all go away before there is a trial. Why? Someone paid them off to keep quiet.

BTW: Pastor Long plans to hold a press conference on Thursday. Honestly, we can't wait! These self-hating homosexuals preaching hate on the pulpit make us angry.

Update 2: Shocker! The press conference was canceled.

Here's Maurice's lawsuit:

Here's Anthony's:

Here's Jamal's:

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