Monday, November 15, 2010

Male Walmart Employee Offers to Pay Male Customer For Sex

David Ham of Huntsville, Ala. was speaking to a male employee recently about losing his job when the unidentified employee came up with a surefire way for the married father of one to make an easy $2000. David tells ABC31, “[The employee] said I know this one guy who can pay you for some jobs, and I was like, OK. I was thinking he was talking about [odd-end] jobs. He had like one of those snickers on his face, and so I asked him what kind of jobs? That's when he told me exactly what he was talking about. He was speaking of terms of paying me $2000 to go back to his place to have sexual relations with him and at the same time this other guy was going to film it and put it on the Internet. I wanted to hit him. I wanted to just reach up and just smack him. I looked at him and I said no, I don't swing that way." As David was leaving the store with his wife, the persistent employee approached him again. "[He] said ‘what do you think about that? You need the money, and I need the money.’ I looked at him and said no, we're not going to do this. I've already told you no. He looked at me, shrugged it off and said I'll talk to you later.” One would think the employee would get the hint and move on, but no; He approached David a third time. David said he and his family were waiting outside the store for a bus when the worker approached him and offered him a ride home. Then, “he told me ‘if I'm going to take you guys home we're going to go by my place.’ I said what for? Did you forget something you need for work? He said no, ‘we're going to do this,’ and then he started getting a little aggressive." David called police and filed a complaint with the store manager.

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