Monday, November 22, 2010

Shock! Pastor Who Ordered Couples to Get Off Facebook Had Extramarital Affair

Last Tuesday, pastor Cedric Miller, 48, told 50 married leaders at his Living Word Christian Fellowship Church to delete their Facebook accounts or resign. Well! Over the weekend it was revealed that the pastor had a long-standing three-way sexual relationship with his wife and a male church assistant 10 years ago.
It found transcripts from a criminal trial against the church assistant in 2003, in which details emerged of what Rev Miller has since called "a very painful part of my past." In the case, which was eventually dismissed, he testified that his wife, Kim, had an affair with the assistant, and that he and the man's wife were often present at their meetings. "I mean between the four of us," Rev Miller said. "It was just, I mean there was touching ... it was crazy, it was as wrong as wrong could get." Asked by a lawyer whether he was talking about "sex", Rev Miller replied: "Yes". He described their behaviour as "beyond what was appropriate." Rev Miller told the court that the meetings between the couples often took place after Thursday Bible study sessions and after church services on Sundays. He said in a statement: "This was resolved at that time and accordingly we will not allow it to detract from our mission at hand to save as many marriages as we can."
He's offer to resign from the church, but when he informed congregants yesterday of the news, they burst out in cheers and applause. During the sermon, he reaffirmed his conviction that Facebook can potentially serve to reignite old flames of passion in married congregants with persons from their past and as we all know, Facebook is the devil!

Update, Nov. 24: Pastor Miller has agreed to take a leave of absence from the church following a church vote Tuesday night on his status as senior pastor. He said he will return to the pulpit "eventually."

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