Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Man Throws Baby into Pot of Boiling Water

We've read stories about ill-equipped and generally bad parents harming their child, but this is a new one. According to The Dallas Morning News, a 16-month old baby was killed after his mother's boyfriend put him into a pot of boiling water.
On Saturday, the 16-month-old toddler died from the massive injuries and the onset of infections he had suffered 36 days earlier after authorities say his mother's boyfriend dropped him into a pot of boiling water. "From the injuries on the baby, I think he did it intentionally," one of the boy's aunts, Veronica Bables, said Monday. "I feel like he tortured him." Carlnelus Delaney Simmons, a convicted murderer, remains in the Dallas County Jail accused of first-degree felony injury to a child. Simmons, 37, is also being held on two felony drug delivery charges. His bail totals $80,000. Authorities say the burns that covered Jabraylon's legs, feet, hand and buttocks did not match Simmons' account. He told police that he accidentally dropped hot water on the toddler....In the early hours of Nov. 5, Simmons called 911 for the badly injured Jabraylon. Simmons told responding officers that he was "standing in the kitchen holding a pot of boiling water when [Jabraylon] came running up to him." Simmons told officers that he dropped the hot water on the floor and heard the boy begin to scream. He said he then noticed that the toddler's skin was falling off so he called for help. Jabraylon's brother, who was also in the house at the time, was not injured and has been placed in foster care. In the kitchen cabinet, police found eight plastic baggies of cocaine. Police also found 95 vials of PCP in the refrigerator. Police said [Jabraylon's mother Jasmine Thompson] was not home at the time of the incident and is not a suspect in the case. She said Simmons told her that a pot of scalding water accidentally fell on Jabraylon.
While Jabraylon's father, Byron Bables was in prison, Jasmine started dating Carlnelus (pictured), who served time for murder. Within months, she was living with him. While baby Jabraylon was in the hospital, doctors removed about 60 percent of his badly damaged intestines during one surgery. They removed more during a second surgery. Infections wracked his small body. He suffered kidney failure and his body swelled to the point where he was unrecognizable.

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