Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's That Smell? Man Spits Feces in Cop's Face

A Durango, Colo. post office worker is in deep shit after he spat a mouthful of feces inn the face of police officer who arrested him for drunken driving. After the routine traffic stoop, the police officer said he detected the smell of alcohol on Paul Andrew Kausalik's breath. The 61-year-old claimed he wasn't drinking, however.
Kausalik performed voluntary roadside maneuvers, but not to [officer Chad Langley's] satisfaction, the affidavit says. A preliminary breath test indicated he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.142, almost three times the 0.05 legal driving limit in Colorado. Langley arrested Kausalik and took him to the Durango police station, 990 East Second Ave., for a formal breath test. At the station, Kausalik asked to use the restroom. Officer Langley twice found Kausalik asleep in the restroom. He told Kausalik he could not stay in the restroom all night to avoid the breath test, and he needed to either take the test or choose a refusal. Kausalik eventually left the bathroom looking at the floor, walking toward the officer. Langley asked Kausalik what was in his mouth, and he continued to walk toward the officer, head down and expressionless. When Kausalik was about 4 feet from the officer, Kausalik looked up, opened his mouth and took a deep breath. “As I observed what he had in his mouth, I took a step back and began turning my head as he violently spit the contents of his mouth toward my face,” officer Langley wrote in the affidavit. “I felt the matter strike the left side of my face and head.” Kausalik also had feces on his hands, the affidavit says.
In addition to the DUI, Paul (pictured) now faces assault on a police officer charges. We're not sure which situation is worse: Paul's drunken nastiness or getting doused with a bucket of shit, urine and vomit.

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