Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WATCH: Seconds From Disaster, Killer Butt Implants

You're about to witness a truck smashing into the side of a bus filled with passengers in Isparta, Turkey. No one was killed, although 18 people were hurt.

Last Friday, 83-year-old Clarence Kinney was driving the wrong way on Interstate 5 in Oceanside, Calif. before crashing into the center divider the spit in half. He, along with several other drivers, received minor injuries; the interstate was shut down for hours. Which begs us to ask? Why is an 83-year-old behind the wheels?

This skater is, how you say, lucky to be alive.

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! NSFW! Two fall out during roller coaster ride.

FIGHT! Two men get into a fight on the NYC subway after something having to do with ... we don't know what.

It's another day, which means there's another video of a rat on the NYC subway...

Moises Meraz Espinoza, 18, is charged with the brutal murder of his mother. Police say Moises dismembered his mother's body with a saw and stuffed her in a freezer.

Get a grip, sir!

This is awesome, you should watch it.

Shock! A British woman died after receiving butt implants at a Philadelphia hotel room. According to the medical examiner, 20-year-old Claudia Adusei died around 1:30am this morning after silicone (a $1800 procedure) was injected into her vascular system which ultimately stopped her heart. Folks never learn.

An East Texas a razor blade in a carton of peanut butter ice cream.

Locked up...in Boston! Luisa Gill, 21, of New Jersey, was arrested at Logan Airport on Saturday night after cops detected she was carrying 50 pellets (half a kilogram or 1.1 pounds) of compacted cocaine in her stomach.

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