Monday, March 28, 2011

Barry Bonds' Ex-Jumpoff Spills the Tea

Kimberly Bell, a Playboy model who dated former baseball player Barry Bonds from 1994 to 2003 (while he was married to one women, divorced then remarried), spent four hours testifying in Barry's perjury trial today.
Bonds admitted to her that he was not always taking steroids but did so because many athletes were achieving greater success. She said that he stated the steroid use contributed to an elbow injury the all-time home run king suffered in 1999.
She also mentioned that Bonds' sexual performance declined over time, that his testicles changed shape and shrank and he also developed back acne. His demeanor also changed and she stated he became more aggressive and agitated in his behavior. The most chilling testimony was when she told the jury on the witness stand that he once threatened to "cut my head off and leave me in a ditch," and that "he would cut out my breast implants because he paid for them." She was cross-examined viciously by the defense, which tried to portray her as a liar and a gold digger. Bell posed for Playboy in 2007 and was compensated $100,000 for her pictorial.
The 46-year-old baseball legend is on trial for lying in 2003 before a federal grand jury that was investigating the BALCO doping ring.
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