Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabulous Gay Couple Adopts Even More Fabulous Doll

Mark Kirby and AJ Sapolnick, a gay couple from New York, has been together for 26 years. Twenty years ago while on a fabulous holiday in Paris, the couple "adopted" a doll they purchased at a flea market, took the doll back to their hotel "scrubbed him clean with a toothbrush and named him Digby." Together, the family is known as the Digbys. They say they didn't want a human baby, so they came up "with the idea of having an inanimate baby," reports The Daily.
Yes, Digby is a doll, but Kirby and Sapolnick would prefer you didn't refer it it as such. "We don't like using the four-letter word," they laughed in unison. To call him a d-o-l-l might suggest that Digby is lifeless, but his parents believe he possesses a special energy and has even served as a talisman for those who have been kind to him. Besides, Digby hasn't been treated like a plaything since his fateful adoption in Paris, after which Kirby insisted on carrying him home to New York City in his arms. "He's never been in a suitcase," Sapolnick said. Because it wasn't our intention to have a toy," Kirby explained mater-of-factly. "Our intention was to create a family, and Digby was going to be part of our family." "Though an unconventional one," Sapolnick quickly added.
Like his parents, Digby leads a fabulous life: He wears custom-made designer clothing, travels with world (with an handcrafted passport) and when he turned 13, he had a bar mitzvah. Some of the couple's friends accuse them of playing with dolls and won't include him on invitations for holiday parties. According to the couple, someone hid Digby at a party; Mark and AJ were "frantic." The couple says, that prankster "had a very sick life after that." If anything unforeseen - or death - happens to Mark and AJ, Digby will be take care of by Mia Perovetz, who's AJ's niece.

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