Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Husband and Wife Murdered Business Partners to Keep Costs Down

In this global economic downtown, an Indian couple concocted an hairbrained scheme to keep as much money in their pockets. Their plan? Kill all business partners or anyone who can lay claim to the business.
Mishan Singh Tomar and his wife Shashi Kiran were the owners of a thriving travel business, which rented more than 350 cars to some of India’s top companies, and two busy matchmaking agencies, including 'Perfect Marriage Couple’. Detectives claimed Tomar, 49, and Kiran, 46, had paid a contract killer to murder one of their business partners, a manager in one of their businesses, and a relative whose medical bills they had been paying. They believe they commissioned their first murder last October to stop Kiran’s ailing brother, Ashok, from claiming his share of her family’s ancestral properties. He was living with Kiran and Tomar at the time at their home in South Delhi, and they were paying his medical bills of 25,000 Rupees per month (£344). According to detectives Tomar allegedly recruited his 'driver’, who is suspected of involvement in seventeen contract killings, to help him take Ashok to an area just outside of Delhi where they killed him and dumped his body in a local river. In January this year, the couple allegedly turned on Mohammad Abrar Hussain, a manager who had worked with them for more than 10 years. Tomar suspected him of defrauding them of £138,000 and is said to have turned again to his driver, Sarvender Singh Dalal, 27, to help him murder his employee. He allegedly invited Hussain to meet him at his home, where he and Dalal strangled him and later dumped his body on a railway track. In March, a former manager, Sanjeev Kumar Das, who had been made a partner in the marriage bureau and travel empire, is said to have posed a new challenge to the couple’s profits. Das, 28, had been made a partner as an incentive to take on more duties while Tomar was ill. But when he sought his rightful share under their agreement, the couple allegedly offered their faithful hitman-driver £1,300 and a duplex apartment to kill him. The two men are alleged to have bought dark film to blackout their car windows, a blanket and rope, and lured Dass to a meeting where he was strangled. His body was dumped in a drain close to where the other two men were left. Detectives said they believe Tomar feared Dass suspected him of murdering the other two victims. H. G. S Dhaliwal, Deputy Commissioner of Police for South Delhi, said: “There is every possibility that the couple might be involved in some other criminal incidents including murder.”
Absolutely nutty.
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