Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lady Jailed For Repeatedly Fondling Female Coworker's Lady Parts

Jennifer Pulsifer, 32, of Pearl River, La. was arrested last Thursday and charged with sexual battery after she groped and fondled a female coworker on several occasions while they worked at the Waffle House.
The first incident occurred on March 6, 2010, when Pulsifer allegedly ran her hand between the victim's legs and caressed the woman's genitals while she was bending down to pick up some change that had fallen on the floor of the restaurant, at 418 N. Causeway, [police] said. The victim "expressed her displeasure" at the contact but was ignored, he said. Over the next several days, Pulsifer continued to make sexual remarks aimed at the alleged victim, Gulino said. Four days after the initial incident, Pulisfer allegedly reached into the woman's bra and fondled her breast in front of a witness, he said. The woman again told Pulsifer to stop, he said. The woman quit her job after the second incident and filed a police report in early April, [police] said.
Jennifer remains behind bars on unrelated drug charges. BTW, How You Doin, Jennifer! Alllllrrrriiiiiigggggghhhhtttttttttt!!!!!

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