Monday, March 7, 2011

This Lady Will Have a Difficult Time Masticating Jail!

Tina Belinda Masta, 46, is a party girl. The Naples, Fla. resident was charged with disorderly intoxication last weekend after she stripped naked, threw rocks at some men and took out her teeth.
The deputy who responded to reports of an intoxicated female Saturday night got quite an eyeful when he found Masta sitting on a dock wrapped only in a blanket. She smelled of booze, had glassy eyes and had difficulty speaking, according to the report. And when she turned to face the deputy, she took off her blanket, revealing her birthday suit. Masta told the deputy that she had taken some of her teeth out and threw them into a canal and asked to use some pliers. Instead of pliers, Masta got handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car. A witness told the deputy that Masta had been cursing at three men before she started throwing rocks at them. At some point she pulled off her clothes and threatened to "beat their asses," according to the report. She also tried to break a light and a wooden fence, the witness said.
The deputy helped Masta get dressed and booked her into jail.
We're not sure if the teeth she threw in the canal were dentures or her natural teeth -- cause that would be badass.
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