Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brawl Breaks Out After Boy Asks Girl to Prom

Iowa City High School student Todd G. Turner (pictured) was arrested and charged with assault charges after he beat down a fellow student that had asked a girl to prom whom Todd was intent on asking.
Police said Todd G. Turner, 18, of 1969 Bristol Dr., walked up to a seated student, uttered some “fighting words,” and then punched him in the face. Turner allegedly jumped onto the downed student and began delivering punches to his face and body. Police said another student intervened and pulled Turner off his victim, but the fight became a “larger brawl” when other students became involved and tried to end the altercation. Police said Turner “continued to be violent and attempted to fight anyone who attempted to stop him.” He then fled when the fight was dispersed, police said. Turner’s victim complained of pain and soreness to the right side of his face, which was bruised, police said. The fight allegedly occurred over the victim asking a girl to prom that Turner was interested in asking.
Todd, a varsity football player, was was charged with assault causing bodily injury, a serious misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct.
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