Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lady Shoots, Kills Man After She Contracts STD

Ashley Nicole Steele, 21, of Chicago, Illinois was arrested yesterday and is facing murder charges after she shot a man (40-year-old Derrick Gray) to death last Feburary after she suspected she contracted an STD from him. [Eds. Get to the real tea in the update below.]
On Feb. 4, Steele and a companion went over to Gray's home in the 8200 block of South Langley, police said. At one point during the confrontation, Gray went to the bathroom and while he was inside it with the door closed Steele allegedly got hold of a gun belonging to him and opened fire through the door, police said. Shortly before midnight that night, police arrived to the residence and were initially unable to get in and had to call firefighters to the scene to break down a door. Officers found Gray face down inside with a fatal gunshot wound to the head, and he was dead on the scene.
It's unknown which STD she contracted (even though one would guess it's HIV, but we could be wrong). But here's a tip: Condom saves lives. When you choose to have unprotected sex, there are consequences. Ashley will now live her life in prison or will be executed. (We're too lazy to check to see the death penalty is on the books in Illinois or not.)

UPDATE: Ashley is a prostitution whore and flipped out after learning Derrick had herpes.
Police say Steele, who is a prostitute, had arranged to meet Gray at his home to have sex on Feb. 4. They went into his bedroom, but came out a few minutes later when Gray heard a knock at the door, prosecutors said. Gray got dressed to see who it was, leaving both Steele and another person, identified as a witness, in the home. A woman was at the door screaming at Gray and pounding on the door. At that point, Steele grabbed a handgun from a table and put it in her waistband, court records said. She went to the door and the woman told Steele that Gray had given her herpes. She also showed Steele text messages Gray sent her, apologizing that he’d given her an STD, court records indicate. The woman at the door and the witness told police Steele began pacing back and forth, saying she was going to kill and rob Gray. She then heard the front door open and hid. Gray came out and Steele popped out with the gun. He pleaded with her, offered her money and then ran to a bedroom, court records said. She followed him and shot at him through the door, striking him once. She then opened the door and shot him two more times. He suffered a gunshot wounds to the head, body and arms, prosecutors allege. Steele then fled out a window with the gun to a car that was waiting for her. The driver took her to a Walmart where she bought clothes, shoes, bleach, gloves and a baby bath tub, court record show. She was taken to another location where she changed clothes and scrubbed the gun with bleach in the tub. Steele then stuffed the gun and other items into several garbage bags and was driven to Calumet City, where she put them in various Dumpsters.
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