Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Even Jerry Springer Passed on This Absurd Story of a Man in a Sexual Relationship With His Biological Daughter

Before we begin, let's just say we don't believe these actors or their cockamamie story. Shoot, even Jerry Springer passed. Anyway, 18-year-old Britney appeared on the Steve Wilkos show to explain how she reconnected with her father, Morgan. "I was 16 when I looked for him on Myspace. My family members had kept us apart and I hadn't seen him since I was seven so I looked him up," she says. "On my page I had pictures of my boobs and bum on there and when he saw it he said, 'My little baby girl should not be doing that.' But then he put a smiley face. When I saw that I thought he had sexual feelings for me." Instead of calling the cops, she and her dad began a sexual relationship. She even went so far to say, her dad is her soul mate! A month after her first appearance, Britney returned to the show (video, below) because she feared she was pregnant and her dad was cheating on her. These donkeys are prime shoe-ins for a Darwin award. (If, by chance, they're telling the truth, then we hope law enforcement swoops down on whichever trailer park they're living in and put someone in handcuffs.)

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